Does your blog reflect your persona?

Blogging is a very intuitive act for me, most of the time. It is akin to writing in the sense that I blog because I like to blog. A series of thoughts have led me to believe, however, that there may be more to the art of blogging than just putting thoughts down for everyone to read.

So, it comes down to the question: Does your blog reflect your persona?

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Song that never stops- #AmWriting #Poem

Photo copyright: Shailaja V
Photo copyright: Shailaja V

Every atom of your perfect being
Rinses and washes itself
In the ocean that is Life;
Surging and feeling
The pain, the sorrow, the heartache that is real.

Every cruel deed
Each carefully chosen barb
Cuts and shreds the fibre
That is the texture of your soul.

When it is time
For the last song to be sung
Let it be said
That you sang only the sweetest verse.

May the world remember you
Not for your glory
Not for your fame
Not for the fleeting moments
That perhaps made you a household name.

When people think of you
I want them to say:

Here lies one whose soul
Was always in the right place.

She always had a kind word for me
She always held the door
to her heart wide open
So that it could invite me in
To share my secrets and my agony.

She ensured I had a place to cry
A haven for my thoughts
And a cubbyhole for my grief.

Without her, the world is that much quieter
For the music has stopped playing.

Which makes me reflect,
That it is not what we do
But who we are
That keeps the song going.

~ © Shailaja Vishwanath, 2015