A room with a view-Writing 101-Day 2


That musty smell hits me as I walk down the long aisles of books that line the walls on either side. These books call to me, as a long-lost lover cries out to his beloved, beseeching, yearning, pleading that they meet again. My feet linger next to a pile of hardback books dropped carelessly on the floor. They have a certain pull, a draw that I cannot resist.

Not minding the dust on the worn-out floor, I squat squarely in the midst of my friends, my parchment companions. Picking up the topmost of the pile, I leaf through the first few pages. A soft smile appears on the end of my lips. It slowly widens into a grin as the plot progresses. Soon, before I know it, my head is thrown back and I am laughing out loud, in guffaws, not befitting a lady, I might add.

The loud ‘Shush’ of the librarian cuts through my hilarity, like a hard saw through frozen ice. I still my emotions and pick up another friend. The red binding on the outer cover is , in no way, indicative of the depth of content inside. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Maybe that makes sense.

In total contentment, I lean on the shelf behind me, soaking in the odour of books, the pungent dust and the proximity of my non-judgmental friends.

‘Can I have another cookie?’

My eyes pop open. The library is gone. I am on the porch, sitting in my armchair with my laundry load before me. An innocent face looks up, not realising that he has wrenched me back from my most favourite place on earth.

Sighing, I hand over the cookie and lean back, closing my eyes.

But, the moment is lost.

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This post has been written in response to today’s Writing 101 Prompt

Day Two’s prompt is:  If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?