A month later-Does Nioxin work? #NioxinNowInIndia

“Did you do something to your hair?”

“Why yes! How did you know?”

“I noticed that there are hardly any strands of hair on the floor now!”

A tear escaped my eye- a tear of joy- as these words emerged from the soul I know will not lie: My household help/ maid! (What did you think?) ­čśë At last, it seemed that my dream would be a reality: the dream of a full head of hair!

It’s been a month┬ásince I attended the product launch of the Nioxin hair care solution at the Bodycraft Spa in Bangalore. You’ll recall that I spoke about the salon experience, the pampering, the consultation with the Nioxin specialists, the 3-pronged approach of Nioxin towards thinning hair and the fact that we had to try the product on ourselves at home for at least a fortnight or more.

Well, a┬ámonth’s ┬áup and it’s time to reveal the results! But first, a quick recap of what we were supposed to do at home with the three-pronged approach suggested by Nioxin. Continue reading “A month later-Does Nioxin work? #NioxinNowInIndia”