4 Important Social Media Tips for Bloggers

4 Important Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Helpful tipsĀ are everywhere on the internet. You just have to type in the phrase, ‘Social Media tips for bloggers’ and Google will hit you with a ton of responses quicker than you can blink an eye and say ‘Wow’.

So, why write another post on the subject?

A. Because you can

B. Because you may bring something valuable to the table: your perspective

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6 ways to choose who to follow on Twitter

6 ways to choose who to follow on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter since 2010. So says Twitter. But you can’t believe everything you read online. Being on a platform and actually using it are two different things.

I’ve actually started using Twitter the way it ought to be used only in the last year or so. Initially, it was all peaches and cream, following everyone who followed me but I was not really engaging with anyone effectively. Continue reading “6 ways to choose who to follow on Twitter”

Fatality #Poetry

Fatality #Poetry

We met.

You wanted to know
What moved me
What empowered me
What gave my feet wings.

I blushed at first
Unsure of what to say;
We hardly knew one another.

Shyly, the first few lines were
Spoken, fumbled over and expressed.
You grinned and said nothing.

A week went by
And I got bolder.
Tucking my insecurity aside
I spoke a bit more.

You cheered and
called some friends over
To boost my ego.

I preened.

From then
There was no looking back.
A quote a day
A picture every two
An inspirational poster a week
A simpering post every two

And it paid off.

Admiration in droves
Poured in like the unabashed sea.

I gushed.

Life was perfect.



Until it wasn’t.

They all moved away, you included.

I was beaten by my own excitement

blocked by my ‘friends’

cut off from my confidants

severed from my connections.

Now, I faltered if nobody responded
Cried if nobody empathised
Cringed if everyone ignored
Ranted hoping someone heard.

And you didn’t care.

You’d moved on.

You’d found more unsuspecting souls
To prey upon
And I was left by the wayside
Picking up the pieces
Of my broken self-esteem.

Thank you, Facebook.
For everything. For nothing.

For bringing me back to status quo.