Can you handle criticism of your work?

You’re wrong.

You’re not doing it right.

Can’t you see that’s the complete opposite of what you’re trying to say?

Sounds familiar? You’ve either heard this being said to you or (infinitely more interesting), you’ve said this to someone else. Nobody likes criticism. It’s hard to hear it, it’s annoying to accept and it’s downright irritating to set out and correct it.

You can't handle criticism, Meme generator

Half the time, though, I’m the one giving the critique, finding myself in Jack Nicholson’s position where he’s yelling his head off in the courtroom in A Few Good Men. *Aside: That’s a great movie! Continue reading “Can you handle criticism of your work?”

5 Things to check before you Publish a Blog Post

We write. We publish. We wait for comments. Sounds familiar? It should.

Ah, but if there’s one thing I have learnt in the last few years of blogging, it’s that there are some cardinal rules to follow before your keyboard-happy finger taps that ‘Publish’ button. So, here are  (at least) 5 things you must check before you let the world read your post.

5 Things to check Continue reading “5 Things to check before you Publish a Blog Post”