Break the rules

It’s not what I expect to hear myself say on a normal day. It’s not what I’d say on any day, to be more precise.

I’ve always been a rule-driven person. Why? I’m not so sure. It’s not so much a nurturing principle as it is a natural instinct. Order comforts me, soothes me and covers me like a warm blanket on a cold, winter’s night. (It’s nearly summer now but that’s besides the point).

Break the rules, Writing

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Blogging? Grow a thick skin

It’s harder than you think.

You set out with the best of intentions, open up WordPress or Blogger (or Medium) and create a blog. You decide on a theme, a background, a cover image, a niche (maybe) and a name et voila, it’s ready for your shaking fingers and tremors of excitement as you see your baby take shape.

Fumbling, you knock the keys together in random succession and churn out what you think is wonderful writing. For, after all, it’s the sweat of your brow and the voice of your heart. Surely, that’s worth something?


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Why I haven't finished my WIP

By all standards, I’m a brave soul. Confident, comfortable in my own skin, willing to say what I feel, at least on the blog- that describes me to a reasonable extent.

I’m also pretty organised and go about my day with clearly chalked-out time zones for my work and chores. Yes, social media is a distraction but it has dropped to a mild noise in the background instead of being the main score in my mundane existence.

So, why then have I not finished my work in progress? It was February of this year when I started work on it and it’s only at 6500 words.


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