A Writer’s Worry

Photo Copyright: Shailaja V
Photo Copyright: Shailaja V


Do you worry? Well, that seems rather like a foolish question, considering we all worry at some point or another. But, as a writer, do you worry that you are not doing the best you can?

Writing fiction and creative non-fiction is a relatively new realm for  me. Yes, I have been blogging for nearly eight years now but getting down to serious writing only began about two years ago. My Twitter bio has ‘writer’ in the description and there are days that I doubt the veracity of that statement.

What exactly is it that causes me to doubt myself? The fact that I may not be good enough for people to read is something that overwhelms me every alternate day. I am not discounting the numerous bloggers who read my posts and who genuinely appreciate what I have to say. Without them, I may not have taken up writing the way I did. In fact, I feel downright guilty about not returning the favour on most days.

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