Write to be read- #poem

It takes me a while

To put it all down

To reach into the soul of my being

And lay it all out on the ground;

For you to see

For you to read

For you to feel

All it takes is a few moments, I plead.

It is the voice of my heart

The breath of my soul

The burning in the hearth

Of this writer’s impassioned tale.

All you need to do

Is read, nod and sigh

Perhaps hit ‘Like’

And even say a word or five.

But, you walk right on by

For you have other things to do.

You have blogs to read

Dinner to make,

Life to live

for its own sake.

I judge you not

For this role you don

For I wear the same clothes

From dusk to dawn.

As writers, we write

For writing’s own reward.

But if that writing is not read

Why then must we write at all?