“There’s no hope.”

Sam stared bleakly at Meg as he uttered these words.

“Really? He said that? Wow, talk about a bedside manner.”

“Meg, don’t joke. I can’t. . .lose you. Not now.”

“And you won’t. We’ll show him. You and I.



24 thoughts on “Terminal- #MicroFiction

  1. Hope…always the one thing that we have…even when everything else is gone. Did I tell you how awesome I think your micro fiction is already? Its like you create a masterpiece every single time. Loved it

  2. You’ve created a wonderful characterization with Meg. I like how fast she went from glib to strong. Also wonderful? Seeing you on the grids.

    1. Thanks Nate! Glad that came across.

      Yes! I have missed the grids and wanted to come back. Hopefully I will be more regular here on. Just juggling too much 🙁

  3. Wow.. so short yet so profound. You’re indeed a master storyteller my friend. Now, go tell your own and slightly longer one soooooon ok?

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