The stream of people was unending, or so it seemed to Mihir, the gallery owner.

Ayesha’s work was vibrant, stark and beautiful. The riotous colours on the canvas leapt out of the frames and beckoned to the viewers, who stood there in awe, drinking in the mesmerising splash of acrylic colours.

The artist herself was there, standing before a painting of a woman, one in silhouette, her face turned away from the viewer, masking any emotion or expression.

A tiny part of Ayesha wished that she could see the work that she had crafted with her hands, the work that the public was lauding all around her, but the sheath of eternal darkness separated her from her desire.


Photo courtesy: Lillie Mc Ferrin
Photo courtesy: Lillie Mc Ferrin



ยฉShailaja V


    Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Darkness

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26 thoughts on “The beholder- #Five sentence Fiction

  1. Well written and engaging – even with such a powerfully sad ending.

    Interesting metaphors open to the imagination. It reminded me of an art teacher I once had – who was well sold and had achieved international “fame” — and was capable of producing the most astonishing paintings and prints (printmaking) with subjects fascinating and colors astounding — but, he was legally color blind. Imagine.

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