The Broken Promise- #55words #Drabbleweek

Huge, wet teardrops fell from under her eyelashes as she watched through the window.They were just getting to know one another. She’d heard him whisper, ‘You’re the reason I exist.’Mutiny in her eyes, she glared as her dad waved to her, while mom cuddled her saying, ‘He’ll be back from work soon, sweetheart.

©Shailaja V
Word count:55
This is written in response to the theme prompt
 ‘The broken promise 
for Drabble Week over at 
Marathon Bloggers 
Today is Day 1
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21 thoughts on “The Broken Promise- #55words #Drabbleweek

  1. That’s a sweet one, Shailaja. I have always thought that a daughter’s love for her father is indescribable, but I think you have manged to do that quite well in just a few words 🙂 Well done!

  2. Isn’t it heart wrenching to leave our kid and go to attend other priorities… especially when you’ve promised them your time?
    I do hope he comes back in time 🙂

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