The Chosen Path- #Five sentence Fiction

She sighed in exasperation, her red pen flying furiously across the pages, circling an error here, striking through a sentence there.

Sunny rays of laughter distracted her from the task at hand, streaming in from the playground beneath her window.

For a few moments, she entertained the thought of throwing all the papers in the air and watching them come fluttering down around her, like winged angels, settling on the blessed earth.

But, that wasn’t the path she had mapped out for herself.

With another sigh, she returned to the studious monotony that governed her existence, one that settled those gold-rimmed spectacles more firmly on the bridge of her nose.

Β©Shailaja V


    Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: MAPS

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41 thoughts on “The Chosen Path- #Five sentence Fiction

  1. There is such a poetic flow to this verse and form. The words carefully chosen paint such a vivid description, I could almost smell chalk as I was reading this. Wonderful!

  2. A beautifully told tale. As a former teacher it brought back memories. I particularly liked the image of the papers being thrown in the air and then drifting down like ‘winged angels’.

  3. hehe.. I wanted to be a teacher once.. even after medical school actually. Sadly, life and its obligations had a different path for me. Having said that, neither am I in that playground nor am I a teacher now… na ghar ka na ghaat ka?

  4. Your career path doesn’t have to commit you to a life of drudgery. I hope she finds it in herself to make the changes that her heart wishes for. πŸ™‚ Nice one, Shailaja. I could almost hear the laughter of the kids on the playground and the teacher watching through the window. You have a wonderful gift for bringing the words to life. πŸ™‚

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