The fabric of Paper- #FiveSentenceFiction

Heather watched with pride as Bonnie took the new notebook out of the shiny brown wrapping paper from under the Christmas tree and leaped with joy.

Without wasting a second, Bonnie grabbed the new pencil from the coffee table and proceeded to write something in it, her little fingers scribbling as fast as they could and her tiny eyebrows converged at the centre, in furious concentration.

Pride turned to slight dismay as Heather noticed that Bonnie was writing just one word on each page, flipping through the book at the speed that was infuriating to the parent but sheer delight to the eight-year-old.

Heather tried to gently stop Bonnie from ruining a perfectly good notebook, admonishing her for wasting paper.

In surprise, Bonnie looked up at her mom and said, ‘But, mom, that’s the fun of it; when I can write something new on each page and see how nice my writing looks too!’


  ©Shailaja V

Pic courtesy: Pixabay
Pic courtesy: Pixabay

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Fresh


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32 thoughts on “The fabric of Paper- #FiveSentenceFiction

  1. That’s what kids love to do. go against the norms. You have captured a child’s mind in a jiffy.

  2. Kids truly teach us to look at things in so many different ways. A new definition of being fresh :D.

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