The Moment- #Friday #Fictioneers

Smoky black eyes met his rich brown ones over the dinner table. One eyebrow arched upward in inquiry. She coquettishly smiled in response. Desire rose in his chest and he scanned the table. The rabble were immersed in their soup.
Nobody looked at him as he rose and inclined his head towards the restroom door. She nodded and giggled.

Thirty seconds later, they were reaching for each other’s clothes. He turned on the light to see her face. With a look of disgust she pushed him aside.

Why? He asked.

Adjusting her blouse, she tossed back, I hate lace curtains.


Copyright – Janet Webb
Copyright – Janet Webb

©Shailaja V

Word count: 100
Written for the Friday Fictioneers- Click here to read the prompt and here to read the other entries in the link-up.

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Today is Day 42

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26 thoughts on “The Moment- #Friday #Fictioneers

  1. I’m not sure lace curtains would qualify as a deal breaker for me, though I have to agree, they aren’t the most attractive choice.

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