The rogue pea- #FlashFiction #33words

Bhavini watched the pea roll away from her. She looked over at Hrish, who was immersed in his newspaper.

Ears twitching, she pounced on the pea, whiskers and paws flying through the air.

 ©Shailaja V

 Word count: 33

Prompt: Open the book you are reading right now (or a favourite if you aren’t reading anything, oh, and shame on you!), turn to page 33 (or 33% on e-readers) and write a super flash fiction about the first proper noun (person, place or thing) on the page! Word count is 500 as usual, but feel free to use 33 as your word count for this week!!

The book I am reading is Potluck- An Anthology

The first proper noun on page 33 is “Bhavini”

Prompt courtesy: 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge

Thank you to Tnkerr- Writing Prompts – for introducing me to this site


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23 thoughts on “The rogue pea- #FlashFiction #33words

  1. Aww…the name ‘Bhavini’ was quite deceptive! I imagined her to be Hrish’s wife 🙂
    But the cat and the pea created a vivid imagery. Loved it!

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