The Shining Knight- #100words #Drabbleweek


It’s absolutely deplorable, I tell you. I watch her being beaten every single day. He is remorseless. A fiend!

There, there, dear. Don’t get yourself worked up now. Eat your breakfast.

He rose to his feet, resolutely.

Sit down, Marcus, before you hurt yourself!

Jenna, you know how kind she is. She always makes sure we get our shelter, even in this sweltering heat. If I were a vicious dog, I would sink my fangs into his leg.

Well, you’re not a dog, just an ant. And, I’ve told you this before- she’s just a thick curtain. Let it go!


©Shailaja V
Word count:100
This is written in response to the theme prompt
 ‘If I were an animal 
for Drabble Week over at 
Marathon Bloggers 
Today is Day 3
runner with quill

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