Do you remember the last time I wrote a piece of fiction on this blog? It was on the 3rd of January. Yes, I know. It’s appalling, considering that when I started this blog in May 2014, the idea was to write more fiction, poetry and flash fiction in addition to creative non-fiction. That writer, where did she go?

I won’t lie. I’ve put writing on the back burner. It’s because I’ve taken blogging more seriously, especially on the other blog. In fact, I actually wrote a piece about the difference between writing and blogging, on Medium.

Ever since November last year, the focus on this blog has dwindled and I’m not proud of it.

But I’m fortunate in that I still have a couple of my friends who send me reminders to submit my pieces to literary magazines or those who reach out and ask about my memoir. It is in these nudges that I realise how much I truly miss the writer in me.

That thrill of turning a phrase, the joy of watching a story come together in its absolute form, the gasp of surprise I can almost see in the reader’s eyes as they come upon the twist in the tale- every single bit of it makes me feel alive.

As my 4th blog anniversary approaches later this month, I shall get back to writing more flash fiction.  More writing, because I feel like it. Enjoying the fascination of bringing words together to form a tapestry that delights my eye, why should I stop that?

I know why I have, actually. I did it because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do justice to the blog hopping, given my commitments on the other blog.

But that’s just an excuse, really. If I really wanted to write, I’d write anyway, not worrying about the number of comments or visits to this blog.

They say you need a hobby from your day job. Well, my other blog just became my day job a couple of months ago.

Guess what’s going to be my hobby then. That’s right.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me here. Get ready. 🙂


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