Thicker than blood- #Microstory

It’s hard, looking for you in these spaces.

(whimper, moan, sob, sigh)

Every nook I see, every floor tile that squeaks your name
only makes it worse.

Why couldn’t they take me too?
Surely, their home was big enough for two orphans.

Made it to the Top 3 in the votes this week. Yay!

28 thoughts on “Thicker than blood- #Microstory

  1. This post of yours reminds me of siblings rivalry that used to happen with my brothers whenever they came home.?

  2. Orphan life is truly heartbreaking, having seen it up close, I know that they learn at an early age not to show their feelings. They hope to be adopted but smile and shrug it off when they aren’t 🙁

  3. I love your microfiction. The story was so touching and heartrending. The homes are always big enough. It is often the hearts that lack space.

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