The phone rang one Thursday afternoon and the voice on the other end asked, ‘Do you suffer from hair thinning?’ I gulped, gasped and choked back tears and nodded. Then, realising they couldn’t see me nodding, I sighed and answered, ‘Yes, how did you know?’

As it turns out, they didn’t, but if you are a woman living in a metropolitan city and constantly exposed to pollution, dust, stress and bad water, there’s a high chance that you suffer from hair fall and thinning of lovely locks. To be fair, my locks have always been rather straggly and they’ve become progressively thinner thanks to all the factors mentioned above.

Nioxin Event Launch- Bangalore

Blog Adda invited me to attend the #NioxinNowInIndia event at the Bodycraft Spa and Salon in Koramangala, along with 11 other bloggers last weekend. This was my second event with Blog Adda, the first one being the launch of the Tata Zest in Goa, last July. I shuffled my feet and declined at first, saying I didn’t know the first thing about beauty or blogging about it, but they brushed my reservations aside and said, ‘We just need people who are having thinning hair, as we believe this product can help you and more like you.’

So, it happened that on Saturday morning, I set out, braving Bangalore’s horrendous traffic and made my way to the venue well in time to listen to the Nioxin specialists tell me all about the revolutionary product that is taking the hair care market by storm. Walking in the door, we met the fellow bloggers who would be part of the event and started getting to know one another.

Blog Adda-Nioxin Collage

The event began with a quick tour of the Bodycraft Salon, followed by a presentation by the Nioxin Team, led by Daisy and a review of Nioxin from Swati Gupta who runs Bodycraft, Bangalore.

Daisy from the Nioxin Team


Here’s a quick overview of what we understood from the presentation:

  • Nioxin is a three-pronged approach towards tackling thinning hair, akin to your skin care regimen that includes a cleanser for your hair, a revitaliser and a scalp treatment solution.
  • Nioxin is geared towards women’s hair thinning troubles. Broadly speaking, thinning is categorised into normal/natural thinning vs noticeably thinning hair. I fall into the former category.
  • The product was actually designed by a mother who found that hair thinning was an alarming side effect post delivery and decided to do something about it.
  • It is not an over-the-counter product. Nioxin believes that each individual’s hair is different and requires a personal consultation with a specialist to determine genetic factors, stress, medication and other stimuli that may cause hair thinning. After the consultation, a hair care regimen is advised to the customer.
The 3-pronged approach of Nioxin
The 3-pronged approach of Nioxin

Post the presentation, it was time for the treatment to begin. Each blogger present was given a one-on-one consultation with a Nioxin specialist to determine which of the six treatment variants would work for her hair.  As it turned out, mine was a Type 5: Normal Thinning hair.

Derma Cooling In-Salon Treatment

The specialist sat me down and asked me questions ranging from my hair care regimen and genetic factors to stress and medication aspects that may influence the texture and density of my hair. After this, I was shown a microscopic sample of my scalp which showed exactly how thin the strands of my hair can be. That was a bit scary and no, don’t worry, I won’t show you pictures of that. 😉

This was followed by a Derma Cooling treatment which is an in-salon treatment only. This must be done once in 30-45 days by a Nioxin specialist.


Post this, we go through the 3-step process I have mentioned before: Cleansing, revitalising and scalp treatment. The stylist applies the cleanser, leaves it on for 3 to 5 minutes, washes it off  and applies the scalp revitaliser for 3 minutes and finally uses the scalp treatment solution to help the hair set and enrich the roots.

So, this was me at the beginning of the event


Here I am having the Derma- Cool treatment

Derma Treatment

Enjoying the salon experience


And eh volia! The makeover is complete 😉

Moi again!

The Verdict:

I felt an absolute sense of lightness at the end of the entire treatment. My hair felt lighter, I mean. I just hope that doesn’t imply I lost more hair though! Just kidding. You got to admit, I don’t look too bad in the ‘After’ photo, eh? 😉

What I enjoyed:

The pampering! But, of course, am I right? We all love being taken care of and having someone treat you to an afternoon at the salon is great to experience!

The tour of the salon. Trust me, I am not much of a spa and salon person but the Bodycraft Spa can change my mind. Just the view of the rooms and the layout is enough to make me consider a monthly salon budget. 😉

The networking. I always love to meet fellow bloggers and find out what makes them click and the passion which drives them to blog and this time was no exception. It was a veritable pleasure meeting my old favourites, Soumya Prasad and Vidya Sury as well as connecting with Manasa, Rumana and PariKnitha who blew me away with their down-to-earth demeanour and sunny smiles.

Things I would have liked more:

As much as I enjoyed the experience, I must admit that there were a few things lacking as far as the overall event was concerned. The Nioxin Team seemed a bit disorganised in terms of the actual presentation and waited an inordinate amount of time for one person to arrive. As a consequence, what could have been a 45-minute demo went on for an hour and a half!

The event was scheduled to begin at 12:30. As always, Indian Stretchable Time was applicable with most people. While most of us arrived on the dot and even early, the event itself began only at 1:10 pm. The length of the presentation ensured that the lunch was pushed till 3 pm! Blog Adda, this could have been handled better. That surely made most of us  more interested in the food than the hair treatment.

With 12 bloggers on hand and assuming that each person’s treatment from start to finish takes an average of 20 minutes, it would have made sense to have more Nioxin stylists on hand to do the needful. Sadly, with only 3 people available, it was a long wait for most of us. What was even more surprising was that the specialists were not working in tandem, but in sequence.

Having said that, the  significant advantage of this was that I got to network with a few new bloggers, let my hair down (literally!) and also managed to get some personal pampering done.

Now to wait and see how the Nioxin month-long regimen plays out as I try the product given on myself. Yes, the review of that will be up in a month’s time. Watch this space!

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon.

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I was invited to the product launch of Nioxin

and was asked for an honest review of the experience.

21 thoughts on “Thinning hair? #NioxinNowInIndia can help

  1. Pampering at the salon – anyday, trying new hair treatments – not so sure. You do look wonderful after the pampering but I’ll remain a sceptic till your review after the month is through.

  2. They have now given us a sample pack for a month to try and report on the benefits. As for going back, if I find a salon closer home I may go for it. Navigating this traffic is NOT my idea of a relaxing day 😛

  3. It was a great afternoon, really and hey, getting pampered is a veritable bonus 🙂 I say you are blessed to have luxurious locks so hold on to them. Ah don’t talk to me about summer. It seems to be getting worse! Then again, last night’s rain seems to have dropped the temperature somewhat.

  4. Glad you got a chance. A pampering session is any day good and yes, your hair looks beautiful and so voluminous.. In events like these, the most important thing is coordination and planning. They must have learnt a lesson for sure 🙂

  5. If someone had started a phone conversation with me asking, ‘Do you suffer from hair thinning?’, I’d just slam the phone down 😛
    That aside, looks like you had some ‘light-headed’ fun. So, do you have to go back for a treatment?

  6. I hope it helps you, I mean your hair Shailaja – you look great and relaxed post-treatment! 😉 However, do ensure the ingredients are kosher as, at least here in Canada, they can name ‘natural’ if only 10% of the ingredients are ‘natural.’ 😉 <3

  7. 🙂 Nice review, Shailaja! Now I’ll be haunted by the mention of “1.10” forever! Sigh. Except, maybe I can console myself that I had solid competition in the time aspect, no?

    So are you using the products daily?

  8. As I said that day, please leave your hair open. You look dazzling! I hope Nioxin helps you. Do let us know how it works.

  9. Looks like you gals had a fabulous time. Your hair does look so pretty when left open like that. Thankfully, thinning hair is a problem that does not affect me. But, hush, I must not jinx it. 🙂 Been thinking of chopping my hair short. The summer is punishing, no?

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