I’ve been working day and night (not even exaggerating) on my new course to be launched next week.  

Earlier today, I walked into the kitchen, feeling rather tired and sleepy (it was noon!) and decided to make myself some juice to wake myself up.  

Husband saw me and asked what I was working on. I replied that it was the new e-book I had planned for next week.  

His eyes lit up and he asked, ‘You’re finally writing that fiction book?’  

I looked back at him blankly (told you I was sleepy!) and said, ‘No, no. The new course. For Bloggers. I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything remotely creative or fictional.’  

He paused, turned to me and asked ‘Why not?’  

‘Well, I guess I’ve been so wrapped up with this product creation that I haven’t really made time to write anything creative. There isn’t any time. I have been so focused on this and helping other bloggers with their blogs that my creative writing has taken a back seat.’    

He looked at me again, smiled and said, ‘I think you shouldn’t stop writing the creative bit. You’re good at it. Make time for it. Don’t wait and don’t stop.’    

Carrying his bowl of ice-cream, he then turned and left the kitchen.    

I stood there, mulling over his words, a warm glow spreading over my being.    

It has really been so very long since I wrote any fiction on this blog.

In fact, late last month when this domain came up for renewal, I paused and wondered if I should renew it.    

I’ve spent the last 2 years blogging more than writing.

If you know me at all, you’d know that I consider those two things very distinct from one another.

I mean, who was even reading this blog anymore?    

And yet, isn’t this what we all need?    

A space where we can write, purely for the joy of writing?

Especially in a situation like this current pandemic when everything seems like it’s going to the dogs.    

There’s such a pall of uncertainty that hangs over everything at the moment.  

Things don’t seem like they will go back to normal any time soon.  

Why wait until things return to ‘normal’?  

Why not write just because?  

For the pure joy of seeing words tumble out on the page or screen?

For allowing fiction to take over our constant stress and anxiety and whisk us away to an imaginary world where things are better?  

Escapism? Perhaps.  

But it’s a better way to deal with the current situation than feeding into the constant news cycle of deaths and positive cases and more. Right?  

Once this new course of mine is out in the world, I will revive this blog from the ashes.  

It’s time to get back to writing again, to take those flights of fancy and to let imagination take the reins and lead the way.

4 thoughts on “Time to Return to Writing

  1. I have literally not been on this blog, and it is quite lovely from the few posts i have read so far :0
    I do hope, you will continue to write.
    You have been so focused on your .com, that your .in has been a gem in hiding 🙂 or in pause mode – time to bring it out.

  2. Oh yes, please get back to your writing. I miss it so much! It’s what made me your fan, I remember. I also remember some of your flash fiction pieces you once wrote for A to Z.

    Looking forward to your posts HERE! ♡♡♡♡

  3. I cannot agree more with V. You should definitely start writing fiction again. Not necessarily for the readership, but for yourself. We might blog for an audience, but we write mostly for ourselves.

    Looking forward to reading your flash fiction again, Shy.

  4. I completely agree with your husband, Shailaja. I have told you many times that you must continue writing fiction. If there isn’t anyone reading this blog that’s only because you aren’t writing here. I always loved your fictions. Waiting to see this blog back in action after the release of the ebook. All the best for both, Shailaja.

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