To swear or not to s#&%!: #MicroblogMondays

Do you swear, curse and let it all out on your blogs?

I get it. Life is just about the worst thing on some days and nothing you do seems right. Sometimes, those horrible days stretch into weeks and months too.

But, does it justify swearing on your blog?

Swearing in writing

I have lost count of the number of articles/ blog posts I’ve read in the last few months that use the F-word. Multiple times. Over and over again. Some of these are brilliantly written articles too and are very thought-provoking, where the subject matter is concerned.

What I cannot accept is the liberal sprinkling of curse words all through the piece. Personally, I don’t swear when I write and I stop reading if I find more than two uses of it in a single article.

I mean, the English language is so very powerful and has so many words in it. I repeat, SO many words. Yet, people are very comfortable swearing, to get their point across.

I understand that the blog is your personal space and it’s your prerogative to swear if you want to, but the dichotomy is this: your personal space is also an immensely public space. So maybe it’s time to re-think the extent of swearing too much.

How about you?

Do you use swear words liberally in your writing?

If yes, what’s your reason?


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53 thoughts on “To swear or not to s#&%!: #MicroblogMondays

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever sworn on a regular blog post. I think I have one mild swear word in one short story. It just wasn’t the same without it.

    But really, you have to be careful with it. If you’re dropping swear words left and right, they lose all their power. And it’s not worth offending people. Usually, there’s a non-profane way to express yourself.

  2. I don’t, but I also don’t use them in my normal language. Someone once said to me “If you can’t think of anything better to say in the place of a cuss word, how intelligent are you?” Something about those words stuck with me.

  3. I’ve never been particularly offended by swearing, and make sure my dialogue in my books is realistic – BUT I now keep it to an absolute minimum. I don’t used the F word in blog posts, and am usually put off by it in others – it’s rarely necessary, and too often people overuse it to try and shock. Makes me want to say, you’re right, I’m shocked – by how limited your vocabulary is that you have to resort to being potentially offensive to get your point across…

    It can be funny if used appropriately, but it rarely is.

  4. Nope.. I don’t.. And I don’t recall it using in my writing.. Moreover, swearing I think, makes us look weak.. May be that is why one has to use the support of a swear to prove their point rather than just saying it assertively!


  5. Absolutely swear in posts when I am moved to swear in posts. I guess I don’t put that much thought into it, mostly because I know my blog is geared towards adults. I probably wouldn’t curse in front of a child, but I don’t think twice about cursing in front of adults.

  6. Depending on who I’m with and whether or not it seems appropriate I have been known to swear in conversation – but in my blog, never. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. Some might think that makes my writing inauthentic; I prefer to think it shows the polished side of me. 🙂

  7. I do use swear words at times while writing. I use it more when speaking.. But, its never because “its cool to swear” and always because I’m pissed off! 😛
    I had stopped using them completely but I seem to have picked it up again after moving here…
    I oscillate between – “Swearing is the worst!” and “Swearing is ok” all the time! 😀 😀

  8. I confess I do swear on occasion but only with really close friends. On my blog, in public NEVER. For the excellent reason you mentioned – that English does offer a variety of options – worth checking out by those that rely on profanity. I generally tune out when I hear an overdose. I mean, we do have better things to read and hear eh? 🙂

    Sadly, lots of people think it is fashionable to drop the f-bomb these days. Worse, they do it with their parents and think it is “cute” and “being free” Ewwww

  9. I don’t swear in posts (I don’t think). Writing for me is a different process to speaking. It’s more thoughtful, though much of it (like this comment) are a stream of consciousness. Perhaps because so much of my writing in my life has been formal and professional, I can’t really bring myself to be so informal as to swear. Besides, I’m always conscious of offending readers.

    In real life though … I read somewhere that swearing is good for your mental health! It releases tension, some study shows.

  10. This is why I love you, Shailaja. Recently I read a blog and couldn’t finish reading it nor could leave a comment there because of the excess use of the F word. It is the same reason I couldn’t finish watching Dexter. Why so many Fs? I was planning to write a post on this and here you are already out with it and you said it brilliantly, Shilaja. Anyways, the earlier mentioned blogger commented on my blog so I was forced to reciprocate and be nice but I don’t care for such language. Huge turn off for me. I don’t use it in my writing, maybe occasional hell or damn, that’s it. I don’t cuss in real life either. When I say stupid my son says, “Amma, don’t say stupid. It’s a bad word.” That’s because once I heard him saying that and I told him yo shouldn’t be saying that it is not a good word. 🙂 I am going to research how the F word ended up with bad guys, isn’t it supposed to be a good intimate feeling? And I don’t like mixing ‘porn’ or ‘orgasm’ with book or food. What has the world come to!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this piece, Shailaja. 🙂

  11. I have used profanity once in my posts, with a lot of hesitation, to keep the situation real and exactly how it had happened in real life.

    I agree. that better words can be used to describe emotions, though.

  12. I use profanity for emphasis, more verbally and less so when writing. For me it’s a non-issue; all part of normal day to day language. While it doesn’t offend me at all, I do recognize that some people find it distasteful and try to keep it in check on the blog. That said, some words are considered profane by certain people but not by others. Where does one draw the line?

  13. I swear toooooo much. In reality. In blog posts. In poems. Maybe I’m just too carried away by the fact that Eminem and I share the same birthday?
    But your post has really got me thinking. Yes, it gets kinda irritating when see a blog post full of them. I try to limit it sometimes. Maybe use a slightly less derogatory term. But sometimes, I’ve just got to let all that anger out of my system. Swear words have that effect.
    But I’ll try and stop. Thanks Shailaja, for this post <3

  14. I’m quite fond of swearing on my blog. 🙂 Because it’s my blog and I feel free to be me there.

    That said, it’s usually mild swears and not often. My blog is odd. It’s written like I’m having a conversation so if I had a “What the hell was that?” moment, the phrase would make it to my blog post. But “the F-word. Multiple times. Over and over again…” would probably have me clicking off the post because, as you said, there are so many powerful words in this language.

  15. I agree with you, Shailaja. Swearing in your blog only brings down your class drastically. I mean, you could use some other word, but only if your vocabulary wasn’t as pathetic, yeah? 🙂 I don’t swear in my blog, nor in my everyday life. Although, to confess, there are times few and far between, when things are really going out of hand. At such times, I make sure there is no one around, and then, I just say it, under my breath. Not even aloud, lest Chikoo hears it! Hehehe..that’s all! 🙂

    1. I am not always in control you know? It takes a lot of mindfulness to bring that into conscious practice. So it is a struggle, I get that. But to wilfully use swear words over and over just makes you sound unpolished, so you got that right 🙂

  16. I always felt that people who need to swear to make a point have a serious lack of vocabulary. However, I realize there are times when swearing is the only way to get your point across. But when I read a blog post with swear words, I rarely finish it. In my opinion it shows little class and turns me off completely.

  17. English has so many beautiful and powerful words that express so much more than cussing. I don’t swear in real life and feel extremely uncomfortable when someone starts swearing. The same goes for reading too.

  18. I agree with you. It grates on my nerves when I come across them spoken or written – on blogs or tweets or FB or anywhere. I find it very offensive. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I like it that way. Nice post .

  19. I think we can swear without really having to swear…I think the language can be powerful without using such words but then it’s a personal choice I think..To each their own..

  20. Cuss words are thought of as being ‘cool’ and so perhaps are used liberally. I am like you in that I find such language offensive in the extreme and avoid reading such articles. Call me a prude and old fashioned if you like 🙂

  21. Hello Shailaja
    No I don’t swear. Neither in blog nor in life.
    I see no use in doing so.
    And yes many ppl think its cooool rather kewl to swear. It’s the biggest putoff for us. Glad you vented this without a swear word swearing swearwords as a tribe.
    Did that get cheesy?
    He he.. It was meant to.
    I am totally in sync with you.
    So long,
    A walk into the woods.

  22. Nope I don’t. I cannot; even though somedays I desperately want/need to. That’s like real life – I cannot bring myself to swear. Once a crazy autowallah crashed into me – there I was down on the road and all I could say was ‘stupid man’. I rued not having a more vast vocabulary. I switch off completely when someone uses them in a conversation. However on a blog I find I am much more tolerant. I’m more likely to ignore them and focus on what the blogger has to say. Provided of course they are not just there for effect.

    1. Interestingly, in conversation I can largely gloss over it unless there are kids present in which case I cringe when someone uses it. I find getting past it in a written piece very tough. In my opinion, it’s used for effect and eyeballs. Not sure if that’s entirely right.

  23. Well well good job you are not in same work line as I am.. Where I get to hear profanities in abundance and not just men but women toooo..

    So I use the F word .. yes I surly do ..and no reason it’s very common word here ..and now part of vocabulary.

    On my blog I probably used it a couple of times but then I think it was written for a purpose and it was needed ..

    Now I know why I don’t see you anymore over my blog.. He he he he geeeee that is indeed shameless marketing 🙂 🙂

    1. What you hear at the workplace is not what I am referring to. I hear a lot of it too and that is probably workplace culture these days and the topic of another post. I am writing specifically with reference to the written word.

      I am curious by what you mean when you say it was written for a purpose. What was the purpose?

  24. I personally don’t mind the cuss words, but it depends on the overall post. If they’re being used just to “embellish” sentences in not-so-literary-or-educated ways, they do turn me off. I try not to use them in my own posts (unless required, which sometimes they are), but there is a disclaimer in my About section about them.

    In real life though, I’m slightly less civilized 😛

    1. What you do in your ‘real life’ is your business 😉 But I just cannot wrap my head around cuss words in writing, no matter what the reason they are used. Similarly, the overuse of words like ‘porn’ and ‘orgasm’ for perfectly beautiful things like words just turns me off. Really!

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