Tread lightly

Tread lightly on my heart
It is not made of stone
You can feel the softness
When I speak in hushed tones

Picture courtesy: Aesop Clark
Picture courtesy: Aesop Clark

That emotion called love
Resides in there too
It gets torn apart, stamped upon,
Yet, every day it heals itself
Ready to face the world anew

This heart of mine is rather large
It houses Miss Hope as well
She, who never falters,
Even when Death tolls his knell

A frequent visitor to this abode is Doubt
He isn’t turned away
Nobody is.
But he stays for a very brief spell.

The same can be said of Despair, Jealousy and Pride
They too come knocking
With fists against the walls
Sometimes with fervour
Sometimes with a murmur

In the end, though
When all have left
And the cascade of emotions has been spent

The heart curls up and protects me like a snug, second skin
For it is only with self-esteem
That we can truly be happy from within.

Β©Shailaja V

Written for the Light and Shade Challengelightandshade logo

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26 thoughts on “Tread lightly

  1. O this thing called heart! So much goes on in there…and you have captured and expressed it all so beautifully in these verses. Great going, Shailaja πŸ™‚

  2. The various human emotions are handled beautifully and the heart has to bear the brunt of everything. Shailaija , you are moving on a different ( read higher) plane with your words. Keep it up , girl.

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