Trepidation- #Friday #Fictioneers

Peering through the clouds, she saw land. It was not something she really enjoyed.

Sheer madness had prompted her to agree to this adventure. All because of Gloria. Why, oh why couldn’t she say ‘No’?
Granted that they were inside an airplane and reasonably safe, but one could never tell. These things were not steady. They moved at extreme speed, rocketing through the air. What if…? Oh, it was too terrible to think of.

Gloria looked over at her, reading her thoughts. Grinning wickedly, she purred, ‘Is Pollyanna scared?’

Pollyanna flapped her green wings and said, ‘Don’t be absurd.


PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo and prompt courtesy: Rochelle Wisoff- Fields


Β©Shailaja V

Word count: 100
Written for the Friday Fictioneers- Click here to read the prompt and here to read the other entries in the link-up.
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