Tug of War- #Five sentence Fiction

Carpal tunnel crept up her fingers and into her aching elbows, as she pounded on the keys, racing against time.

The deadline stood there, looming like a gigantic shadow behind her shoulder, waiting to sink its fangs into her overwrought brain.

A tiny voice called out from the next room and she paused, looking up for a second, while a ferocious battle was being fought within her, between her two loves.

In the end, it was obvious who would win.

Sighing, she shut down the laptop and walked over to her daughter’s bed, got in and snuggled with her, falling into a deep, satisfying slumber.


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Β©Shailaja V


    Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Conflict

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26 thoughts on “Tug of War- #Five sentence Fiction

  1. Great use of tension, by way of diversion (i.e. the carpal tunnel syndrome) when in reality, the conflict lies elsewhere. Clever 5 sentences πŸ™‚

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