Union of souls- Five Sentence Fiction

“I’m not sure I have done the right thing“, Heera said with a quivering lip, feeling her heart beat frantically against her chest in a staccato, frenzied motion.

Shahid gazed with affection and kindness into her dark, brown pupils and took her shaking hands in his strong, warm ones.

With a gentle touch and a soft whisper, he explained, ‘From this day forth, you are not just my wife, but my companion, a piece of my heart walking by my side; you need never fear this alliance nor the frowns of society.

Saying this, he gently lifted her acid-scarred cheek and planted a kiss on her lips, flooding her with warmth and love.

He really is my knight in shining armour, thought Heera, feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure, as she rested her ravaged forehead on his jacket.



    Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Marriage

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55 thoughts on “Union of souls- Five Sentence Fiction

  1. You are really good at creating a whole story in such a short word count, Shailaja. Well done. That challenge looks fun. I’d like to try it as I like writing short, too.

    Can’t even imagine the cruelty towards women disfigured by acid. Unbelievable!

    I was so happy that Heera found a man who would love her, despite the disfigurement. I’m sure many women are not so lucky.

    1. True, Janaki. I was looking at the pictures of acid victims earlier today and my heart just broke when I saw the tragedy of their circumstances. But, hope always makes us happy. Thanks for visiting <3

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