Un'Reason'able- #amwriting

Tyler glanced lovingly at Mia, as she sat there, perusing the book with pursed lips and a frown on her face.

What’s the matter, my dear? he ventured with a lifted brow.

Nothing, she said and went back to the book.

Aww, come on. Is there something upsetting my grumpy ol’ bear?

Really, Tyler. There is nothing. Can you just drop it, please? she said with a touch of irritation.

But, he plodded on. There MUST be something. I can feel it. The air is crackling with your disapproval, he said with twinkling eyes.

Exasperated, she snapped the book shut and glared at him. NOTHING is wrong. I just want to be alone. Can you help me out here?

With a hurt puppy-dog face, he said, I only wanted to cheer you up.

Mia sighed and replied, Sometimes, there are no reasons, Tyler. We are sad because we want to be. It gives me a break from being cheerful all the time and looking at the positive in every damn thing in this world. I can lose myself in this ‘Sadness without a Reason.’ 

Am I making sense now?

Tyler looked befuddled.

So. . . you’re sad because you want to be sad?

Exactly, said Mia, with a shadow of a smile tugging at her lips. Glad it got through.

Tyler smiled outwardly, while wondering to himself, ‘ What the heck is wrong with the woman?!’


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7 thoughts on “Un'Reason'able- #amwriting

  1. I know I know 😀 SOmetimes I want to be sad for just no reason… sometimes being sad gives me happiness …umm well I don’t think I am making any sense here 😛 if I try explaining this to my hubby he might get my mental check up done 😛

  2. “Sometimes there are no reasons … we just want to be sad.” What an awesome lesson, Shailaja, and so realistically put. I am sure that every woman has experienced such moments, when she is just tired of being cheerful for everyone. You know what they say, you can’t really experience joy and happiness without a bit of a balance with sadness. How reassuring your message is – for us and those with whom we share our lives. Thank you! HUGS <3

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