Unshed tears- Five Sentence Fiction

Look, that’s a yellow and black- backed butterfly and it’s about to settle on that really pretty pink flower now!

Hmm, that’s nice, dear, but can you keep it down a bit? I just have about ten more pages to finish.

Lila’s face dropped as she watched the butterfly first and then her mom, who never looked up from the engrossing novel clasped in her hands.

Pages of Lila’s childhood flipped by in fleeting memories as she watched the entire sequence in flashback.



     Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Pages

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34 thoughts on “Unshed tears- Five Sentence Fiction

  1. It happened with me once that I was reading a novel and my brother was trying to get my attention! I refused to budge from the book! He got so angry that he had stopped talking with me for days saying its the book that matters for you! After that incident I am very careful as when I hold a book and when I socialize!

  2. This is such a common occurrence in our day to day lives. We often forget our priorities while getting engrossed in our interests. You’ve captured it so beautifully in these few lines Shailaja!

  3. That can and does happen so often…not only with our children but even with adults in our lives – partners, friends, parents….when we get too engrossed in a book or something that is deeply engaging for us and we miss those moments when the other person is trying to show or share something that is deeply meaningful to them at that point of time. A thoughtfully written story, Shailaja!

  4. Awww!! that was just sad.. but I guess this happens inadvertently as well, doesn’t it?
    I really wish when my time comes, I put down that book.

  5. Awesome, somehow i can relate with you in every post that contains a ‘mommy factor’… the reason why i miss many prompts is this.. when i set to write, i get totally engrossed leaving them aside and that hurts them and me, later! lovely, post, dear!

  6. wow..that was a quick job on the prompt! And a nice take too..how we immerse ourselves in the fictional page and miss out on the real page!

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