Unwitting Victim- #3WordWednesday

With pity I watch you lying there
Writhing in pain from the blunt force trauma;
It wasn’t easy, doing what I did
I did it not out of choice, but force of habit.

Each night as you stealthily crept in
On lithe feet and with ears perked up for the sound of my footsteps,
I used to watch you, through the eyes
Of the drunk, that you knew only too well.

Today, my lethargic throw of the bottle
Had actually found its mark and I felt a stab of enormous guilt.
It wasn’t your fault that I drank, no, that was another’s burden
But you had to be the fall guy for this miserable wretch.

There’s a reason you’re called Man’s Best Friend
I doubt I will find another like you.

©Shailaja V


Written for 3WW- Three Word Wednesday- Edition # 405

This week’s words: Blunt, Drunk & Lethargic

Each week the writer posts three words. You write something using the words.

13 thoughts on “Unwitting Victim- #3WordWednesday

  1. Wonderfully expressed, Shailaja.
    Yesterday, I watched the Hindi-Movie ‘Entertainment’- that’s the name of the dog. Can connect 🙂
    Man’s best-friend has to suffer…

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