Wasted Words #poem

Modified image from www.speedofcreativity.org
Modified image from www.speedofcreativity.org

Waste not!

Waste not your time

With false words

designed to please

Tempting as they seem.

Waste not a compliment

On one whom you despise

Simply to keep up

The facade of a smile.


Waste not an inch

Of space in your heart

For the tidal wave of evil

that lashes against the shore of your conscience.


Waste not a moment

To leave a word of praise

If , in your soul you know

That it deserves only disdain.


When shall we be ready

To strip away this mask

Of pleasing everyone around

For we’d rather not face their wrath?


Waste not anything

If it means nothing

Either to the one who gives

Or the one who receives.


~ © Shailaja V, 2015

29 thoughts on “Wasted Words #poem

  1. Waste words is to apt and right! Plus we are wasting our own time & effort too.
    Well worded and full of emotion. Got me to rethink something I have been avoiding for sometime.
    I need to stop wasting my words too……… Thanks Shailaja for being you and for BAR.
    Just Thanks.

  2. So well put. I savored each line. There were times when I have kept quiet but haven’t really been a people pleaser. Actually I border on the blunt.

  3. I like what you had to say and the style you used. I know what you are saying. We do so want to be liked or fell approved of, even by people who should not matter. My grandmother always told me a smile was never wasted, even on the devil. 🙂

  4. Dear Shailaja—always a joy to read your words and I love this. I agree with not wasting words on dishonesty and ass-kissing!! Truth and honesty are to be upheld….these words are most valuable. I would far rather be hurt by the truth than to hear a sweet lie, wouldn’t you?

    This line: “For the tidal wave of evil that lashes against the shore of your conscience”—that is so full of such rich imagery…..it’s just glorious in what it conjures up in the mind’s eye. Lovely, Shailaja, absolutely lovely 🙂 Nice to read you again.

  5. This poem reminds me of JP Vaswani’s practical suggestion which he used to give after his lectures.A very beautiful poem.Loved reading .Keep on writing such poems 🙂

  6. Love the way you write, Shailaja 🙂 How I wish I could write poetry like you. Right now, I will settle for adding it to my VERY-distant dream list. 😛

  7. A beautiful and thought provoking piece Shailaja. Yes, it does pain to see some people wax eloquently about people whom they despise at heart especially if they hold a higher position in the work place or are leaving the company on transfer/ retirement. Feels so hollow.

  8. Isn’t is possible that what seems a waste to us is extremely important to someone? There are times we may misunderstand the person or the situation.
    Having said that, being fake is a BIG wastage indeed.

    1. You are right. We can always be guilty of misunderstanding and must always give the benefit of the doubt to the other person in case of doubt. But, this is more about those who praise for the sake of praising, not because it is necessarily praiseworthy. Why waste words when the person does not mean it? Being Fake, as you put it, enriches nobody- neither the person who offers the praise or the one who takes it.

      Oh and welcome to the blog 🙂

  9. Shailaja, enjoyed reading your poem, sharing my thoughts on words here 🙂

    Words have the power to break barriers
    Words can melt hearts, makes friends of foes
    Words can help make the world a better place
    No word is ever wasted, so don’t stop writing 🙂

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