What do you see?- #FridayFictioneers


Hey hon, what do you think?

Pushing the glasses down the bridge of his nose, Ned peered at what Denise was waving beneath his chin.

It’s all right. Kind of odd that one chair is pushed all the way back while the other two are closer to the table.

Exactly! One person on one side and two people on the other. What does that suggest?

Eh? How should I know? Not really a fan of symbolism, my dear. You’re the expert.

Denise bit her lip and decided that her technique of suggesting couples counseling was not going as she’d planned.

Β©Shailaja V

Photo copyright: Melanie Greenwood

Word count: 100

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers-

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18 thoughts on “What do you see?- #FridayFictioneers

  1. How are you feeling now Shailaja?
    This was nice comeback! made me chuckle! Sometimes, subtlety doesn’t work at all! πŸ˜€

  2. Welcome back, Shailaja!
    Nice take on the prompt. Some people, esp. men, need it all spelled out, loud and clear! What to do? They are like that only! Ya? πŸ™‚

  3. Shailaja, Welcome back. It looks as though Ned is one of those people who needs to be told right out about something. Denise may find that it’s just his nature and counseling may not help. She can hope for the best. Let’s hope things work out for them. Well written. πŸ™‚ — Susan

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