What I miss – #poetry

The feeling of having said it
Out loud
Into the darkness

As if the thoughts were grasped at the roots
And wrenched out of the soil of my heart
Flung into the great void
Seeking solace in being heard.

I miss that.

The feeling that someone is out there
Ready to listen;
To read the entrails
Of my experience
As they cascade
In brilliant floods
Across the plains of suffering
And find themselves washed ashore
On the banks of redemption.

I miss that.

But most of all
I miss the silent support
The waves of empathy
The surge of love
That comes from fellow sufferers

For is it not true
That the ones who can feel a writer’s pain
Are but writers themselves?

-Shailaja V , 2015

4 thoughts on “What I miss – #poetry

  1. For sure Shailaja, for sure! And that includes the pain of not writing lately, though I do confess I have been too busy with my favourite festival, in part volunteering. The fest is a 10-day affair ending Sunday! 😉 And by the way, you express(ed) yourself beautifully in this poem! 🙂 <3

  2. You know, Shailaja, every time I read a poem by you, I get tongue tied. I fail to come up with words of praise that would do justice to your expressions, and I end up saying, “Beautiful!” And, right now, that is the only word that comes to my mind – Beautiful!
    And, I agree – only a writer feels a writer’s pain.

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