What you don’t know #BarAThon #FlashFiction

“Just look at her! It isn’t fair,” pouted Mira, tossing her black locks back in frustration.

“You need to focus on something else,” Prakash commented drily.

Skin beauty

“I cannot! I would give anything to have skin like hers. It’s flawless. Not a mark on it, no pimples, no blisters, not even a damn freckle.”

Turning slightly, she couldn’t resist adding, “Now I know why you were with her.”

He stiffened and replied, “You think I’m that shallow?”

“All men want beautiful women. Period.”

Snapping irritably, Prakash responded, “What that skin doesn’t show is  what lies beneath; a snake would look tame in her presence.”

“What do you mean?”

What you don’t know won’t hurt you and I’d rather you didn’t ask. I’m better off without her in my life.”

Mira yearned to ask more but one look at Prakash’s smouldering face, as he deleted her picture from his phone, made her hold her tongue. Now the fire of envy burned a bit dimmer, replaced by raging curiosity.


Welcome to the Bar-A-Thon, the blogging challenge over at Blog-A-Rhythm. I’m blogging every day this week and will be writing short pieces of fiction on each of the daily prompts.

I’ve also taken up the theme of the 7 deadly sins and will touch upon one each day.


Today’s prompt: What you don’t know

Today’s theme: Envy

20 thoughts on “What you don’t know #BarAThon #FlashFiction

  1. Curiosity killed the cat, but envy consumed the enemy 😀

    I guess we would be less envious of other people if we had the option of actually living life in their position for a day. This deadly spin matches the prompt so beautifully! Just brilliant, Shailaja 🙂

  2. That was an interesting tale with just a few words!

    And the world is like this. It sees what’s shown and ignore what’s hidden deep inside! So many people fall prey to such beauty!

    Loved your take on the prompt!


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