Write? About what? #MicroblogMonday


I have often caught myself asking this question, usually on the days that the Muse refuses to co-operate. There are days that she will stick her big fat rear flat on the ground and refuse to get off that space, come what may. You can plead, cajole, threaten and even do the cosmic dance before her, but no dice.

Yes, I have heard of writing prompts and the ubiquitous Writer’s Block too, but here is the nub of the nub and the core of the quandary:

You can write only when you are meant to write.

Yes, that is the plain truth of the matter, my dears. We can do everything in our power to squeeze the inspiration out of a rock, grasp at the burgeoning story in a blade of grass, skim the emotions off a bubbling pot of stew, savour the aroma of an idea in that field of roses, kick back and let the music of fifty violins wash over us in an orchestra and still not feel motivated enough to blog about it.

Sometimes, we are pushing so hard to get that idea out there that we forget one simple fact, which we must come back to time and again:

In the stillness of our mind, we can hear the voice of God

(or as in this case, the Muse).


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18 thoughts on “Write? About what? #MicroblogMonday

  1. I so agree.. All the prompts from yours, and at write tribe, and many more, have not tickled my muse as strongly as I thought it should. That’s when I realized, I should just listen to my inner voice and write whenever it wants to speak out…

  2. In 2011, I entered a month long blog challenge that offered prizes if you completed the month of having to post daily. Thinking of those prizes was all that enabled me to complete the challenge. Before then, I was an occasional poster. But strangely, after that painful 30 days was over – I started to find so much inspiration in my everyday life, that I just kept on going with daily posts. I rarely use prompts – have too much fun with my own muse. But maybe one day I will run out of inspiration…..

  3. I do my best work when I write when I want to write. But sometimes, under deadline, I have to squeeze it out anyway. It’s more painful, but sometimes it’s such a relief that I’ve gotten something done that I accept that the pain is part of the experience. Sort of like running.

  4. Muse, Shaijala, most certainly makes writing easier when Brad treats her right, but I have found that discipline is just as effective: writing every day, keeping a schedule, having a goal and a vision. One trick I use is never to face an empty page. Before I go to bed at night (or finish writing for the day) I make sure that my page for the next day is already open and ready to go with at least a heading and some notes. I often take these thoughts with me to bed. Whether something occurs overnight or not is less important. The thing is, when I am refreshed I have already taken the first step.

    And of course, reading so many other blogs – many of which, are top quality – is most certainly a regular source of inspiration. HUGS <3

  5. I cant write at all at times!! heh!
    my writing, like me is moody I suppose!
    I don’t know if I have a muse or inspiration except my head! 😀

  6. Muse is definitely a moody person. You need to humour her but at the same time be careful not to smother her. She’s like the naughty moon on a cloudy night. You need to catch her at the right time 🙂

  7. True……Sometimes inspite of being under favorable conditions we are unable to create something nice, and this is the irritating part of the situation….
    Impressive quotation!

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  9. I so agree Shailaja.. Somedays no matter how hard we try the muse refuses to show up… I think somedays we just need to let go..but this mind and heart of mind refuses to listen and just wants to write something..I think at times I forget that quality is important too..But then the heart says just write because you are not writing to be judged, you are writing to be happy…Makes sense?

  10. Yes, I agree with you Shailaja! I prefer to write WHEN I am inspired rather than feeling forced as in a daily blog challenge, though good a challenge it is as it forces me to write: thus, the paradox! However, I find there is SO much to write about as the universe is so vast. My inspiration comes from walking in nature and even being in the washroom – just the room itself! 😉 – so see what works for you. And when all else fails, you can write about writing, whether writer’s block or the muse! 😉 <3

      1. True, some days are challenging just like, ironically, yesterday, the day after reading this post! That is, until I saw something that inspired me! 😉 <3

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