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She kicked a stone morosely into the stream and watched it ricochet off a rock, dance on the ripples and then sink into the blue depths. Shoulders hunched, she didn’t hear him walk up behind her.

‘What’s the matter, my dear?’

She looked up with tears streaming down her face. ‘Nobody. That’s what I am. A nobody and a nothing.’

‘Everyone is worth something. Why do you feel this way?’

She rubbed her nose and replied, ‘ Look around you. Do you see any value to my existence? I add nothing of importance. I may as well not exist.’

Holding out his hand, he guided her to a large mountain face. He drew a single, vertical line. ‘Do you know what this is?’

She made a face and said, ‘Of course! Everyone knows! Exactly my point.’

He smiled and said, ‘Here, stand next to it, on its right. What do you see?’

‘Nothing. Like I said, no change.’

‘All right. Now, stand to its left. What happens?’

She stood, looked at herself and a small grin appeared. ‘OH! I like this! Can I be here all the time?’

A gentle breeze stirred his hair as he helped her back down. ‘No, my dear. That is not your purpose.’

‘Why ever not?’she pouted.

‘For it is in your uniqueness that your value lies. You add the balance that is necessary. You can lift someone up or keep them grounded based on where you stand.’

That is your Zen.

Gratitude flooding her face, Zero looked up at her Maker and thanked him for the valuable lesson.


A-Z Challenge 2015

My theme for the Challenge this year is

Alternate Β Angles



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  1. Good one! I’ve enjoyed your short stories (I read every single one). Congrats on finishing the challenge! πŸ™‚

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